Breakthrough mentors and mentees gathered to celebrate the successful completion of a year-long mentoring relationship. The 2015-2016 school year marked the launch year for the College Mentoring Program, where community members developed one-on-one relationships with Breakthrough seniors to guide them in the college application process. At the completion of the program, 100% of our mentees applied to four year universities, 75% received at least one college acceptance so far, and 25% submitted scholarship applications totaling over $200,000.

Volunteer Coordinator Diana Barriga led the charge with this first year of the mentor program. She explains, “The program was successful in that mentees were able to build connections with outside community members that provided an extra level support throughout the college application process in addition to Breakthrough’s support.” In addition, mentee Maribel Castanon shared “[the mentor program] helped me to understand the college application process in more depth and stay on track with all of my deadlines.”

Thank you to our incredible mentors! Marilyn Bauer, Dan Frahm, Suzanne Reynolds, Ada Rudolph, Glen Rudolph, Gretchen Scott, Greg Silver, and Nancy Silver, your support and contribution has made an enormous difference in our students’ futures.

We are always looking for great mentors! If you are interested in becoming a mentor, you can learn more about the mentor program here. We are currently accepting mentor applications, due Friday, February 19th. For more information, please contact Diana Barriga at