This past week, seventh, eighth, and ninth grade students participated in college field trips. Seventh and eighth grades visited Occidental College while ninth grade visited Loyola Marymount University.

Students and teaching fellows started the morning with a tour of the campuses where they learned about the admissions process, average GPAs, and fun facts about the school. They were also told what the school offers in terms of majors, clubs, and resources for underserved students.

After school tours, they split off into groups and competed in a scavenger hunt challenge where they were given nothing but a map to explore the campus. The hunt featured finding and speaking with a professor and students, finding the admissions office, and figuring out where the college newspapers were distributed.

The students and teaching fellows left the campuses with valuable knowledge about how to apply and the requirements for attending both colleges. A big thank you to Loyola Marymount University and Neighborhood Partnerships Program at Occidental College for showing our students around campus.