Current Breakthrough San Juan Capistrano and St. Margaret’s senior, Rolando Perez has recently been selected as an Honorary Certificate Recipient for the Princeton Prize in Race Relations for the San Diego region. The prestigious prize recognizes local high school students for their efforts to improve race relations in their communities. Rolando applied to the Princeton Prize after Breakthrough SJC Assistant Director Alex Serna, alerted him of the opportunity and explained his extensive work with St. Margaret’s TIDE (Tartan Inclusivity and Diversity Education) program. As a leader in TIDE, Rolando has implemented initiatives to promote discussions on inclusivity and diversity at his school.

“The local committee was very impressed by Rolando’s work. We trust that you are as excited as we are about his selection,” said Co-Chair of San Diego Committee for the Princeton Prize in Race Relations Richard Winchester.

Additionally, Rolando has been accepted into six four-year universities: Bates, Pitzer, Occidental, Lewis & Clark, UC Santa Cruz, and UC Merced. He plans on attending Pitzer College and is looking forward to “greater learning opportunities with professors who have achieved a lot in their field and preparing for a career.”

Congratulations Rolando on winning the Princeton Prize and your college acceptances!