This summer we sent Ivan Santana to attend UCI’s Summer Scholar Program. In this program, high school students take one UCI course with college students and are supported by both mentors and fellow Summer Scholars. Breakthrough SJC staff chose Ivan, a rising junior, to participate in the program after assessing his academic progress and potential to benefit from the opportunity. After the staff selected Ivan, he also had to submit an application, grades, essays, and a letter of recommendation.

After Ivan finishes “The Biology of Human Diseases” course and his grades are submitted, the class will count towards his college credits when he eventually attends a four-year university. Ivan has learned a lot taking a college course and learning about college life, saying, “I had a soul searching moment when I went to the seminars. You go into college thinking you know what you want to do, but you might end up majoring in something completely different. In college you have access to so many resources and so much knowledge and you should really take advantage of it.”

Ivan says he feels more prepared to apply to and attend college after being a part of the Summer Scholars program, explaining, “UCI had the admissions president come and speak to us and he told us the important things to have on your application. He was telling us how to get into UCI but I could apply it to any UC I’d want to go to.” Thank you UCI for giving Ivan the opportunity to attend the Summer Scholars Program!


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