This past Saturday on December 13th, Breakthrough high school students, middle school students and parents met at St. Margaret’s Tartan Field for the first Breakthrough SJC soccer tournament. The soccer tournament allowed students from all grade levels to spend time together despite attending different schools. One Breakthrough parent commented, “It is great that you are having this event and that the kids can come here and see each other.” Parents also joined in on the fun, cheering on their children from the sidelines.

The tournament began with students from Dana Hills High School playing against a team with students from San Juan Hills, St. Margaret’s, and Capistrano Valley High School. Both teams displayed copious amounts of enthusiasm and skill, but the team from Dana Hills took the win and advanced to the next round. After the high school game, 7th and 8th grade students from Marco Forster Middle School played against each other to win the middle school championship title. The 7th grade team snagged the win, surprising the high school students and the 8th grade team.

In the final round, the team from Dana Hills faced the team from Capistrano Valley High School. The final game ended in a tie and three students from each team participated in a penalty kick-off. The students from Capistrano Valley High School won the kick-off with two excellent penalty kicks and can now say they are the high school soccer tournament champions. In the end, what students enjoyed most was catching up with Breakthrough friends, Capistrano Valley High School sophomore Juan commented, “It was fun being together and seeing all of our friends from over the summer.” Thank you to all the students and parents who came to the tournament and helped make it a fun and successful event!


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