Saturday, August 9th, Breakthrough San Juan Capistrano welcomed students, parents, teachers, and supporters to celebrate the end of its ninth summer program. The night began with a potluck dinner, graciously provided by parents. Celebration showcased students’ musical and performance talents with skits and singing. In addition seventh and eighth grade students  took the stage to present  what they learned this summer at Breakthrough SJC.

The highlights of the event were heartfelt yet powerful testimonials by students Eduardo Ruiz, Amy Medrano, Maria Macias and Teaching Fellow, Jose Limon. The program concluded by Director, Lorena Martinez expressing her admiration for both students and teachers and bidding farewell to three staff members: Community Outreach Coordinator Jenna Robinson, Volunteer Coordinator Sandra Alvarez, and Assistant Director Bryan Boyce.

While many tears were shed as students, teachers and staff said their good byes; the program looks forward to another exciting school year and would like to thank everyone who made the 2014 summer program a huge success!