Engineers from Fluor Corporation visited Breakthrough SJC for our second annual egg drop competition. Students had to follow strict guidelines and make sure their crafts were lightweight and creative. Fluor engineers also followed these guidelines with their own competition entry!

Before the competition, engineer Felipe Delgado taught students about the different types of engineering. He encouraged a passion for learning, saying, “We are hoping to encourage you to feel that passion to work in a team and solve problems and come up with solutions. That is why we’re here today.”

Nine teams entered the competition and eight of nine survived the drop! It was up to the engineers from Flour to judge the winners of the competition. The winning team included Angel, Aldo, and Robert. Thank you Felipe Delgado, Dwight Jackson, Vernyl Phillips, and Tanya Aguilar for helping Breakthrough SJC students learn about engineering and enjoy the egg drop competition​!​


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