Our Summer Teaching Fellows

Breakthrough SJC trains college students to teach in the summer and school-year programs as part of its unique students-teaching-students model. With guidance and support from directors and experienced professional instructional coaches, college students shoulder the responsibilities of full-time educators as they implement curricula, plan daily lessons, manage student behavior, and commit their time to helping younger students follow in their footsteps on the road to college.

Breakthrough SJC Teaching Fellows

  • 40 percent share the experience of being first generation college students
  • 80 percent are teachers of color (nationally only 16 percent of teachers are teachers of color)
  • 84 percent attend selective colleges (nationally only 7% of teachers attended selective colleges)
  • Average GPA of BTSJC teaching fellow is a 3.60

Breakthrough SJC teaching fellows come from prestigious of colleges and universities across the nation:

[table th=”0″]Florida State University,,Stanford University
Barnard College,,Swarthmore University
Brown University,,The College of William and Mary
Carlton College,,Tufts University
Claremont McKenna College,,Tulane University
Columbia University,,University of Alabama
Connecticut College,,”University of California, Berkeley”
Cornell University,,”University of California, Davis”
Dartmouth College,,”University of California, Irvine”
George Washington University,,”University of California, Los Angeles”
Harvard College,,University of Chicago
Harvard University,,”University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill”
Harvey Mudd College,,University of Notre Dame
“Loyola University, Chicago”,,University of Oklahoma
Morehouse College,,Middlebury College,,

University of Pennsylvania,, Northeastern University,,

University of Rochester,,Northwestern University,,

University of Southern California,,Pomona College,,

“University of Texas, Austin”,,Rice University,,

University of Virginia,, Southern Methodist University,,

Vanderbilt University,,St. John’s College,,

Wesleyan University,, Wake Forest University,,
St. Olaf College,,Yale University[/table]

Breakthrough Collaborative

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