Are you a local college student with interest in education or community service? If so, you could play a critical role in the lives and academic success of students.

College students make great tutors, not only because of their levels of expertise, but because they model college-going culture to Breakthrough students. Students of any major are welcome to join our community of tutors!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I’m a college student. How can I volunteer with Breakthrough?

You can volunteer in many ways with Breakthrough! The most common way college students can help is by becoming a tutor.


When and where does tutoring take place?

Every Wednesday and Thursday from 5:00 – 7:00pm at the Boys & Girls Club of Capistrano Valley.


Must I attend tutoring twice a week every week?

No. We understand you’re a college student and have academic priorities that must come before your work at Breakthrough. However, we ask that you please be as consistent as possible.

Speak with the volunteer coordinator for help in establishing a work schedule.


How do I become a tutor?

Fill out the Volunteer Google Form on this page.


Will I have to complete a background check?

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer tutor at Breakthrough or the Boys & Girls Club of Capistrano Valley, a background check is required.

Breakthrough will reimburse you the cost of the live scan required as part of the background check.


I’m not available during the two tutoring options, but I still want to be a college tutor. Will that be possible?

Absolutely! Some tutees can’t make it to tutoring themselves. If you’re open to tutoring during different days/times, communicate with the volunteer coordinator.


I don’t want to be a tutor, but I’m still interested in volunteering for Breakthrough. What can I do?

No worries. Breakthrough has plenty of options but we are also open to any suggestions. Speak to the volunteer coordinator to explain any skills you can offer which can be used as an intern position with Breakthrough.


Is a TB (Tuberculosis) test required to volunteer at Breakthrough?

No. We don’t require it.


How long must I commit to volunteer work at Breakthrough?

We would like you to be part of our volunteer program as long as you can. Of course, we know what it’s like to be a college student, so if you can only commit for a finite time, please speak with the volunteer coordinator to explain your situation.

Please also complete this Volunteer Registration Form to register as a tutor for high school students. If you would like to express interest in other volunteer opportunities, please fill out this Google Form.

Have any questions? Please email your inquiries to us at



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